Friday, May 31, 2013

Exclusive Perfect Twists @ Penelope's

New Perfect Twist posters in four candy colors 
now available only at Penelope's in Chicago!

You can also get a select number of my other posters there too. 
Stop in this weekend and pick up something nice for your home and your person. 

Happy Friday everyone!



Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Studio Tour: Ellen Van Dusen

So when I went into shoot ALL Knitwear's studio tour, I had no idea that Ellen Van Dusen of Dusen Dusen shared the exact same room!

I felt:

1. Embarrasment for not having already known it.
2. Excitement that I would get to meet Ellen!
3. Panic -- would she be into my doing a studio tour with her too? did I bring enough memory cards? were my camera batteries charged up? Did I dress cute enough?

Luckily, she was into it or at least was gracious enough to allow me to shoot her space.

I mean, can you imagine? I have been coveting her clothes for so long! She has such a fun sense of pattern and color mixed with cool, comfortable and easy silhouettes and now I got to be all up in them. And I love it when two designers share a space and I get to see how they play off each other. And of course, meeting her cute dog Snips.

These images were shot last October and it has been inspiring to see her do so many things since then like present her line at NY fashion week.

See all the pictures on Flickr or on my website.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Now Available: Orchid Show Book + Postcard set


Orchid Show is my second book. It is my photo documentation of a gathering of Orchid enthusiasts. 40 pages  of color images showing the fantasy and the mundane.

The Orchid Show Postcard set is a series of 5 postcards with images not found in the book, showing the strange and otherworldly displays of Orchid arrangements.

You also get a 30% discount on the postcard set if you purchase it with the book.

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**** 36x48" Owl Eye poster is still currently 50% off !

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Recent appearances

A few of my images have made an appearance in some very very nice publications recently. 

Cercle is a beautifully printed art and culture magazine based in France. This issue was about the forest and Cercle does an amazing job at exploring ideas and various projects revolving around the theme. Of course I don't understand much French but have no trouble getting completely absorbed in its pages.

Adventure Club is brought to us by the ccooll ladies at CCOOLL! Each issue features photographic works by various artists showing us their adventures. For the winter issue, I contributed some images of a camping trip we went on in Manistee, Michigan a few years ago. A short and sweet publication, it totally inspires me to go out and see, do and discover things. 

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Owl Eye Poster 50% off !

Right now, the Owl Eye Poster is 50% off!
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You know, just because.