Thursday, May 31, 2012

Seattle / Part 1

Thank you so much for sharing all your trip stories so far. Travelling is probably my favorite thing in the world. It is when I feel the most inspired and when I take the most pictures.

Seattle & Vancouver are such wonderful cities.  I feel like I spent nowhere near enough time in either of them. We shot a bunch of rolls on the trip and I'll be doing a number of picture posts. Here is the first set from Seattle. Hope you like them :)

p.s. So so so many thank you's to those that commented and emailed me suggestions on where to go! It was incredibly helpful.

A waterfall of green near Pike Place

Loved these orange wildflowers everywhere

An African mask at SAM and a tall tree on Bainbridge Island

The ferry ride to Bainbridge Island

Monday, May 28, 2012

2 years! & a giveaway! -- CLOSED

Last week, Devin and I got back from our trip to Seattle & Vancouver (I miss you already) and it was amazing. But having been out of town, I totally missed the two year anniversary of being in business! Its crazy how time flies like that. I've been so lucky to have had so many opportunities open up for me and so grateful for all the talented and interesting people I've met and have gotten to work with in the last two years.

In honor of this great occasion, I'm giving away a huge 30x40" artist proof of the Antlers Print! This is an archival color print, not a poster!

 * Just leave a comment about a nice trip you've had and your email so I can get in touch with you if you win.

* Extra entries for following this blog, twitter (and if you retweet),  instagram (user: debbiecarlos), liking my facebook page or the AHC facebook page. Be sure to let me know too!

A winner will be randomly drawn Sunday evening and will be announced via this blog, twitter & facebook ! So be sure to check back.

Thank you again for all your generosity, kindnesses, encouragement & support !

 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Giveaway Closed - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Friday, May 11, 2012

Seattle & Vancouver !

Every year, Devin and I try to take a trip for my birthday. Being a bit of a birthday-zilla, I demand that I be out of town on the day of my birthday, no exceptions. Except this year, it just couldn't be done so we leave for my belated birthday trip next Tuesday! We are flying to Seattle and then taking a train into Vancouver.

So we need recommendations on where to eat and where to go (mainly the eating part which is by far the most important thing on any trip). Best pacific northwestern food in Seattle? Best Chinese in Vancouver? Being on the west coast, I want to have seafood and lots of it. Also I would love to see some regional folk art, nice shops and any other cool hidden spots.

Related --- Any items ordered in either of my shops between May 13 - May 27th will be sent on May 29th.

Thanks in advance !

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Some new additions to the store! I'm really excited about these necklaces. Rough cut, faceted stones, their edges painted with a thin line of gold leaf paint -- a subtle embellishment, making it seem lightly dusted in gold. It accentuates the angles of the stone and gives a hint of shimmer when the light hits it. Also, they are all one of a kind! 

Click here to see them all

 I will be updating the shop with a whole slew of new gold dipped jade rings so keep your eyes peeled!

<3 U ~

Monday, May 7, 2012


So the last time I wrote about Vignette just about a month ago, Instagram came out for android the very same day. I downloaded it and have not looked back. There are some features in Vignette that I wish were in Instagram (like the ability to control contrast, brightness with a slider) but the filters are generally a little more gentle than the ones in Vignette. I'm really happy with it and have been 'grammin like crazy. 

I think its really interesting how some of the filters, whose main purpose is to imbue images with nostalgia,  can actually color correct for blue or yellow casts. Some filters can also bring out details if some images come out a little dark or contrasty. 

My instagram has been dominated with pictures of food, cat, bunny and nature so if you like those things, you should friend me! User: debbiecarlos

Happy 'Gramming!

Friday, May 4, 2012

LOL Boys

Crazy and beautiful and hilarious collaged CGI videos directed by LOL Boys. Music by LOL Boys and Marble Players.

 Happy Friday!


Tonight is the opening party for SMALL showroom! I will have many things there alongside some of Chicago's finest artists and makers. TOTAL HONOR!


Thursday, May 3, 2012

A whole bunch of new items


Debbie Carlos Shop's second guest artist is photographer and music maker, Devin Higgins and his Cactus poster. His image is bursting with strange and large desert plants and we are excited to be able to sell this as a limited edition poster! There will only be 15 ever produced and they are all signed and numbered by the artist.


A series of gold dipped solid jade bands and jade charm necklaces! Jade charms and rings dipped and painted in gold leaf paint. Every single one of these pieces are one of a kind.  Click here to check them all out. 

I also added some new bracelets: The Ocean bracelet (in two colors), The Canyon Bracelet & The Pluto Bracelet.

Last but not at all the very least: I designed several Little Paper Planes exclusive pieces as well!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A Sunday Ritual

60 second chocolate mug cake !

I love food. I mean, I am obsessed with food. Reading about it, learning about making it, finding out about new places to eat in the city etc. My google reader fills up with hundreds of posts everyday from all the food blogs I subscribe to. I also have a hefty collection of magazines, books and binders of photocopied pages of cookbooks borrowed from the library. So yeah, my place is brimming with food literature.

I also have dreams of being a food photographer (have you seen my food blog?). To be around food all day, to take pictures of it AND get paid? Sounds like a pretty sweet deal. While I do have plenty of time to eat food, I find that these days it gets harder to find the time to learn more about and to practice food photography. 

In the past month, I started talking with Sarah of the blog Westervin, which she runs with her husband Brian, about doing some cooking posts on their site with recipes and pictures! Guys, its happening. Its happened twice already (Really sorry for being a little late in telling you). The first post is a super easy 60 second  chocolate cake baked in a mug and the second post is an all day Sunday roast with Mexican flavors.

I love guest blogging. Its been an awesome way to cook all the recipes I've saved up AND practice shooting. So keep your eyes peeled for more to come. And many many thanks to Sarah & Brian -- you guys are the best!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Postcards !

Wow ok. So its been totally quiet on this blog, I know! There have been little things happening here and there which add up to a whole big thing but its good to be back.

Back in February, I started a postcards project and I just wanted to give you a little update in case you were wondering 1. whether I got your postcard  - or - 2. where your postcard is.

1. If you're name is Sarah, Bea, Dominique, Mallory, Miguel or Dawn -- YES! I did get your postcard!  Look how beautiful they all are. I definitely would have chosen these cards for myself if I were in a postcard shop. It is the best feeling seeing these little handwritten notes waiting for me when I open my mailbox and I loved reading them. It is really interesting to see how and what people choose to write about given the very limited space and I feel like you guys did a way better job than I have been doing. I want to be like you. Thanks for being so generous for taking the time to write me your nice words!

2. If you sent me your address for a postcard and were wondering if you were still getting one -- my answer is: yes you are! I'm slowly getting through all the people on my list. Taking some time to sit down at a cafe to write these has been a really nice way to break up the day from time to time and I plan on continuing to do it. You'll find a note from me in your mailbox soon.