Monday, May 7, 2012


So the last time I wrote about Vignette just about a month ago, Instagram came out for android the very same day. I downloaded it and have not looked back. There are some features in Vignette that I wish were in Instagram (like the ability to control contrast, brightness with a slider) but the filters are generally a little more gentle than the ones in Vignette. I'm really happy with it and have been 'grammin like crazy. 

I think its really interesting how some of the filters, whose main purpose is to imbue images with nostalgia,  can actually color correct for blue or yellow casts. Some filters can also bring out details if some images come out a little dark or contrasty. 

My instagram has been dominated with pictures of food, cat, bunny and nature so if you like those things, you should friend me! User: debbiecarlos

Happy 'Gramming!

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