Monday, April 14, 2014

Total Crystal

Some pictures of Crystal-scapes taken at the Royal Ontario Museum.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Tropical Fruit Play

Last month, my friend Julio was gearing up to open his super cool vintage shop Solid State Vintage in Chicago's Pilsen neighborhood. He commissioned me to make some fruit images to sell as a limited run color posters for the store! I went and bought all the tropical fruit I could find in Mid-Michigan and this is what I came up with. 

Art Walk in Pilsen is TONIGHT! 

Go check it out and see and snag one of these prints and some killer vintage pieces !

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

GARDEN • VISIT : Hunter Park Garden House & Allen Street Farmers Market

It has been feeling warmer and more spring-like here in Mid Michigan and all the possibilities of a life lived outside and under the sun fills the air! I feel like today is a good day to show you a little garden and market visit I did all the way back in July. 

Hunter Park Garden House is located in Lansing's East Side neighborhood. The area is a food desert but the Garden House provides a number of programs such as a CSA, educational workshops for kids and adults, and a variety of other programs that bring food awareness to the neighborhood. 

The Allen Street Farmers Market, held year round on every Wednesday is held nearby and features local farmers, bakers, food vendors, and makers! In fact, this was the very first farmers market I went to after moving into the city and made this new city feel a bit more like home. 


See select images of my visit below 
or see all the images on Visit Visit !

Thursday, April 3, 2014


The other day, I thought I'd do a hashtag search for #debbiecarlos to see if anyone took any pictures of the posters they purchased and look what popped up! 

Dang guys, you make my prints look good. 
Love seeing them in your homes! Thank you!