Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Postcards !

Wow ok. So its been totally quiet on this blog, I know! There have been little things happening here and there which add up to a whole big thing but its good to be back.

Back in February, I started a postcards project and I just wanted to give you a little update in case you were wondering 1. whether I got your postcard  - or - 2. where your postcard is.

1. If you're name is Sarah, Bea, Dominique, Mallory, Miguel or Dawn -- YES! I did get your postcard!  Look how beautiful they all are. I definitely would have chosen these cards for myself if I were in a postcard shop. It is the best feeling seeing these little handwritten notes waiting for me when I open my mailbox and I loved reading them. It is really interesting to see how and what people choose to write about given the very limited space and I feel like you guys did a way better job than I have been doing. I want to be like you. Thanks for being so generous for taking the time to write me your nice words!

2. If you sent me your address for a postcard and were wondering if you were still getting one -- my answer is: yes you are! I'm slowly getting through all the people on my list. Taking some time to sit down at a cafe to write these has been a really nice way to break up the day from time to time and I plan on continuing to do it. You'll find a note from me in your mailbox soon.


  1. Yes! Glad it made its way to you! :)

  2. Hurrah! I'm glad it got there, Debbie

  3. I'm late in seeing this, but... AWESOME! This is such a fun project, Debbie! And I'm so proud to see the little postcard I sent you up with those other stellar ones :)