Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A Sunday Ritual

60 second chocolate mug cake !

I love food. I mean, I am obsessed with food. Reading about it, learning about making it, finding out about new places to eat in the city etc. My google reader fills up with hundreds of posts everyday from all the food blogs I subscribe to. I also have a hefty collection of magazines, books and binders of photocopied pages of cookbooks borrowed from the library. So yeah, my place is brimming with food literature.

I also have dreams of being a food photographer (have you seen my food blog?). To be around food all day, to take pictures of it AND get paid? Sounds like a pretty sweet deal. While I do have plenty of time to eat food, I find that these days it gets harder to find the time to learn more about and to practice food photography. 

In the past month, I started talking with Sarah of the blog Westervin, which she runs with her husband Brian, about doing some cooking posts on their site with recipes and pictures! Guys, its happening. Its happened twice already (Really sorry for being a little late in telling you). The first post is a super easy 60 second  chocolate cake baked in a mug and the second post is an all day Sunday roast with Mexican flavors.

I love guest blogging. Its been an awesome way to cook all the recipes I've saved up AND practice shooting. So keep your eyes peeled for more to come. And many many thanks to Sarah & Brian -- you guys are the best!

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  1. Mmmm both of these look tasty! I'm going to have to try the cake - so handy when it's super quick!