Saturday, July 16, 2011

Dianne Oh Deer

Trades are the currency of artists ! Its a great way to connect with people you admire and gives you the opportunity to have the things you like. Especially if you are like me -- buying nice, new things for other people, and mostly purchasing groceries and other need-based items for yourself. A fun shopping trip for me is usually a visit to the thrift store which is great and you can find really nice, unique items but sometimes you just want something new.

Recently Dianne Tanner of Dear Oh Deer and I did an exchange and I was able to get one of her beautiful necklaces. She was even so nice as to do a custom turquoise nugget necklace with a hawk feather. I love the combination of the two and the long length of the piece.

I am also happy to say that she will be stocking these feather & stone necklaces in her shop very soon! Sources say by the end of the week so keep an eye out for them.

Go see more of the beautiful things she makes in her shop!
And then go see her pictures and read her words on her blog!


  1. Woo thanks Debbie! So glad you love your necklace. I am making more RIGHT NOW. x

  2. Just saw them on your shop! I love them all.