Sunday, September 25, 2011

Things that I would like to have

We are tightening our budget here in the Carlos - Higgins household and this only makes me want to consume more. Here are a few (just a few!) of my recent and old favorites. If you get any of these things, please call / text / write me an email, describing it in every exquisite detail so that I may live vicariously through you.

1. Pumpkin Bag by PloylyMingzyBb'
2. Rough Diamond Stacker Ring by Specimental Design
3. Hand-Dyed Neon Stripe Oversize Leather Clutch by Clutch NY
4.  Necklace by dullDiamond
5.  Leather Pouch Bag by Har Lex
6.  Japanese Pens by Paper Pastries
7.  0857am may28th Watch by plasticelastic
8. Triangle Post Earrings by Tiny Galaxies
9.  Natural Amethyst Triangle by Silurian Era
10.  Sunset Strip Blazes Over Alps Print by FotoForest
11.  The Valley in Autumn Necklace by DearOhDeer
12. The Rucksack in Grey by infusion
13. Strike Jackpot: Ceramic Bead Necklace by digoyo

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