Thursday, February 23, 2012

Great Success!

After something super awesome happens, I kind of retreat for a little while and I don't want to talk about it until some time after. This is why the blog has been quiet  and especially why I have not posted about how the Big Big City event went and its already been over two weeks! I'm weird?

Reader, it was amazing. We couldn't have asked for more friendly and talented vendors, a more amazing space (thanks Public Works!) or a more happy, enthusiastic and fun crowd (Chicago, you're the best!). The place was packed for almost the whole night. Great tunes to listen to (thanks to Julio!), delicious drinks and snacks (thanks to Red Hen Bread, Dan Mckee and everyone who baked a little something!) and beautiful things were raffled off and won (thanks to vendors & Revolution Brewing Co!).  And many many thanks to Rebecca who asked me to be a part of organizing the pop up and was a pure pleasure to work with.

Also, she gave me a box of See's Candy which was consumed in the following days in bed while marathoning hulu / netflix as I decompressed from all this craziness. I'm a big grown up sized baby.

Read more and see more about the show over on Rebecca's blog!

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  1. i was only able to take 2 pics before my camera ran out of film and i haven't even developed the roll yet. i'm a lazy baby sized baby.