Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Studio Visit

 Towards the end of last year, Chad over at The Post Family asked me to help out with some promo materials for a show featuring his, Stephen Eichhorn and Cody Hudson's work. The show centers around the idea of the artist studio and their process and practices and so I was asked to go to each of their studios to photograph their desks. It was great to be able to go into the studios of three of Chicago's super-talents and take pictures of their workspace! The images came out pretty awesome as did the poster for the show.

Studio Visit is open through February 17th with an artist lecture on the 16th at Purdue University. Go!


  1. I love the images! Such a great idea.

    PS - I got my parcel from you <3 thank you soooo much. I've been busy at work though and only just got yours in the post! I'm really sorry! I popped in a little something extra to apologise :)