Monday, September 10, 2012

The Cuties of Renegade Craft Fair Chicago 2012

There is one word I say the most whenever I work craft fairs and it is the word Cute.

That bag is so cute! Your hair is so cute! etc.

Having just had an amazing weekend at Renegade here in Chicago, I wanted to show you some of the cute people, and cute things I happened upon.


The first cuties of the day, Dan & Lilian.

DH looking cute and cool.

This cute and charming couple stops by the booth. This made us happy.

Big group of cutes! 
also -- Polka Dots? CUTE


Andy & Julie are the smiliest, friendliest cuties.
And they totally killed it this weekend.

I took a lot of pictures of them. Who could resist?

Cute cuddles were happening at The Michelle Starbuck Designs and Right Brain Drifts booth. 

So many cute pieces at Lady Faye!

  Katie & friend were pretty cute too. 

Meghan Lorenz, one of the most stylish and cutest ladies at the Fair.
Her mom? Equally so.

Many cute happenings at the Ship & Shape Booth!

Including :

Sun dapples on Annika & Maddie


Erin & BFGF both sporting BFGF accessories!
Oh hai, big polka dots. You are so cute.


'Til next year!