Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Studio Tour: Anna Asilo-Pamasa

I first met Anna through Lilian (BFGF) back in 2011. She comes off as friendly, super chill, and kind of quiet. This is why its really surprising to see her highly visual  paintings. Sometimes cacophonous, sometimes peaceful but often a nice mixture of both,  she strings together various subjects, creating striking forms and strange narratives. Cultural references, pop cultural references and things like, "clouds, bathrooms, [her dog] lupe, gravity, hands, fast food motifs, memories, body dialect, foil, fabric that hangs just right, strangers, the texture of water, wishful thinking, hillsides" all come together in this beautiful, subconscious landscape. Pieces that you can get lost in.

Last fall, I was able to pay Anna a visit at her and her girlfriend Jocelyne's home and studio before they moved abroad. Their space is like a physical manifestation of her paintings. Not only because the walls are filled with her paintings but also decorated with pictures of family, friends, each other, books, toys, trinkets, and lots of plants. Everything arranged awkwardly and perfectly.

Take a look:

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