Wednesday, March 6, 2013

CC Hong Memorial Hall

FACT: Us Hong kids are smart and cool. 
editors note: My last name is Carlos but the H in DHC stands for Hong

Take for example: My cousin-in-law Grace. She is an architect at Xrange, a design and architecture firm in Taiwan she runs with  her husband (my cousin) Royce. I'm always so impressed by her projects. She recently designed a memorial for my grandfather, Mr CC Hong, located at the National Taiwan University School of Management.

Inspired by radio waves, wooden slats are cut into undulating, quivering lines that form a subtle portrait of my grandfather and two Taipei street-scapes. The space is open, and serene and interactive.  It is inspiring for students and full of meaning for our family.

See and read more about the memorial and other xrange projects here.

See also: their blog about urban spaces Urbanmatic.

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