Wednesday, October 16, 2013

New Guest Artist Poster: "AFTER LIFE/AFTER PARTY" by OLA ~ ONDA

I am so excited to announce DHC Shop's newest guest artists and DHC Person's good friends: OLA ~ ONDA.

Lilian Martinez of BFGF and Daniel McKee is one of the world’s cutest and smartest creative teams. Currently based out of Cincinnati,  their photography work is a culmination of their skills in other areas of artmaking and their fascination with the great mysteries of the world such as death, outerspace, and relationships. Also --------- snacks!

"AFTER LIFE/AFTER PARTY" turns a macabre subject on its head, making it fun and positive. By giving it silky duds with lovely little bursts of light pastel colors, this ghost is ready to get down.

This is DHC Shop's first poster printed in COLOR !!

Take a closer look and purchase here

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