Monday, January 27, 2014

At Home At Home with Laure Joliet + New Guest Artist Series

Two new guest artist posters by Laure Joliet for DHC Shop

Today we are happy to release a new visit and a new guest artist series by the lovely Laure Joliet! 

What I admire about Laure's work is her impeccable eye for detail, color and composition without sacrificing gentleness and emotion. She shoots for clients like The New York Times, T Mag, Design*Sponge, LA Times, amongst others. Her commercial work is gorgeous, but her personal images, when she loosens up, when she's allowed to focus on the little things, the flaws, the accidents -- I feel that is when Laure's personality really shines. 

While in LA last July, I took the opportunity to pay Laure and her famous cat, Hazel, a visit at her Echo Park house on top of a hill. It was exactly as I would imagine Laure's home to be -- a succulent garden out front (I hate you), neat midcentury pieces mixed with old, rougher sentimental pieces and other quirky objects. Nothing looks too polished nor too cluttered. Just sort of quiet, peaceful, open and easy. But what I loved the most were the little journals Laure's French grandmother made her when she was small. Little notebooks, filled with messages, clippings, drawings and misc items. 

You can read more about Laure and about the visit on Sight Unseen. Below are a few select pictures from my visit but you can view all the images on Visit Visit

+ + Don't forget to click over to the shop to view and purchase our new huge & gorgeous guest artist posters by Laure: 

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