Thursday, May 1, 2014

4th Anniversary ++ iPhone Case Giveaway !

------------------------GIVEAWAY CLOSEDXXX--------------------------

We are coming up on DHC Shop's 4th anniversary and what a great 4 years it has been. I've always considered the number 4 to be my lucky number so this is super special to me. 

To commemorate, I'm giving away 4 iPhone 5/5S cases to 4 lucky winners! This giveaway is open to both north american and international friends!

Please enter by commenting with:

1. Your name and email.
2. I want to know who you are so tell me something about yourself! 
3.  extra entries if you follow my instagram, twitter, facebook, sign up to get my email newsletter.

Giveaway ends May 16th 12 am EST.

Also, please enjoy free shipping all this month at my main shop with code: 4four4four 

Thank you for making the past few years amazing. 


  1. Name Karin Shaim

    and I love reading books and also photography!

    extra entries: followed your instagram @karins28
    followed your twitter @cookiesmasher9
    subscribed to your newsletter
    and liked your fb page name Karin Shaim

    thanks :D

  2. Kate Albee,

    I'm a freelance designer from Tracy, CA and I love to weave in my free time! And I'm obsessed with everything marble...

    I follow your twitter (@ka1bee) and insta (@kateealbee) and Facebook! And just signed up for your newsletter. Crossing my fingers!

  3. Liz Welling

    I've gone back to college to study graphic design, I'm a native Michigander and lifestyle blogger, and love paper like mad (not to mention these iPhone cases!!).

    Extras: already following on Instagram, just followed on Twitter!

    Happy four years!

  4. Name: Madeline Jane O'Connor
    Extra Entries:
    Instagram -maddiejane89
    Twitter - @maddiejane302
    Facebook - Madeline Jane O'Connor
    Newsletter -

    Also, I have your Jellyfish print hanging in my brand new brooklyn apartment! i love your stuff! thanks and keep up the great work.

  5. kim ludy

    fellow design crazed bunny lover. your raccoon/cat photo series is still my favorite on IG. and you already KNOW i love these cases.

    thanks for the chance : )

  6. 1. Iris - we met once at the walker in mpls. :) i'm hesitating to leave my email, hopefully it's attached to this comment.
    2. i'm a head shrinker with interest in international aid and specialty in complex trauma
    3. i already follow you on instagram! @sesong

    1. also, congratulations on the 4 years. thank you for having the giveaway! the cases are beautiful.

  7. Bianca Pardini

    Oakland resident who runs farmers' markets in the Bay Area. Just purchased one of your large prints (the crystal) and it arrived yesterday. Of course it's already framed and hung! It looks beautiful. :)

  8. 1. CiAnne |
    2. I have your ice-cream cone print in my kitchen and it makes me happy every day. My favorite flavor of ice cream is mint chip.
    3. I follow you everywhere! :)

  9. 1. Ariel; ariel.c.knutson (at) gmail
    2. I have your large citrus print! It's my favorite. You can see it in here:
    3. I already subscribe to the newsletter :)

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Hi Debbie!

    My name is Stephanie Rick, and my email is:

    I'm originally from Raleigh, North Carolina, but currently live in Los Angeles (moved here after college) and make music, singing and writing poetry with my band, FLORALS. Also, I love cats, and am recently starting to foster them. I have your woods poster in my kitchen, and it inspires me everyday! Would love to have more of your work around!

    I already subscribe to your newsletter, just followed you on twitter and instagram (wildflowerred), and Facebook.

    Happy 4 years!

  12. 1. Katie Petterson (also known as Kpett) ~
    2. Im an entrepreneurship / studio art student in Charleston, SC. Your large flower print has been moving with me from house to house throughout college. I'm a collector of coffee mugs and I love working with my hands.
    3. I follow you everywhere! (shaypett)

  13. My name is Eric Swanson - email:

    I'm currently working as a barista in Brooklyn. I moved out here about a year and a half ago with my lovely girlfriend in hopes of pushing my art. I had seen some of your prints online a few ago, and have been an admirer of your work ever since. Super inspiring. You can check out my stuff at

    All the best!

  14. Hello Debbie!
    Happy 4 year anniversary!

    My name is Ella Butler-

    I live in Victoria, BC (Canada) and work at a lovely little boutique hotel here.
    I have your perfect swirl print proudly hung in my apartment, and can't wait to add another print to my collection.
    I am a big fan of your work, and already follow you on IG (ellamazing), but just started on facebook.

    Keep up the fantastic work!

  15. Hello! My name is Cindy Lee,

    I am a textiles/ceramics artist being repurposed as a legal drug dealer, a pharmacist. I'm graduating in 3 weeks!!!

    congrats on your 4 years! let's celebrate together.

  16. Hi Debbie! I'm Courtney Hatley, crhatley @ gmail (dot) com
    Long time fan, first time commenter - I have one of your posters hanging in my living room. :) I'm a videographer in Kentucky.

    I follow you on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and I receive your newsletter.

  17. Bon Aniversaire!
    My name is Mia and I'm at
    I live in Salem, Mass (spooky, right?) and have a greyhound named Remus.

  18. Hi Debbie. happy 4'th anniversary!
    My name is Oline (

    I'm from Copenhagen, Denmark. I've just bought one of your posters on :)
    I like drawing with color-pencils and to eat cakes and chocolates.

    I follow you on instagram.
    Have a nice day!


  19. I'm Rachel,!

    I am a Fine Arts student currently specializing in Printmaking, but my works are mostly installations :-) I revel in cross-disciplinary art-making.

    I am currently following you on instagram (@rollingrach), twitter (@rollingrach) and Facebook (Tan Rachel)!

    Happy 4th anniversary! x

  20. I'm Abby -

    I'm a graphic/web designer living in Washington, D.C and I'm currently craving olives... Oh, and also I love your work!

    Happy Anniversary

  21. Rejina williams

    I'm a art major who is graduating this month. yay! I live in Texas...yes everything is bigger in Texas! Lol.. I love also music just as much as art.

  22. Mary Jane Boltz, mjboltz[at]gmail[dot]com

    I collect artist books and records and have your fog print hanging in the hall of my apt -- long-time fan, ha!

    Am also following you on instagram, facebook, twitter (@double_dutch), and have subscribed to the e-mail list, thanks!

  23. This comment has been removed by the author.

  24. Hi Debbie,

    My name is Genah (

    I experience a form of synesthesia called Ordinal Linguistic Personification where I subconsciously associate certain ordered patterns with genders and personalities. Things like the months, days of the week, numbers, and even colors register as feminine or masculine with their own distinct personalities (for ex. Red (female) and Purple (male) are in a relationship and Blue (male) has always been jealous of Purple). Very odd...but this is how it's always been for as long as I can remember :)

    Love your work, I'm following you on all platforms!

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  26. Hi Debbie!!

    Happy Anniversary!

    I've been coveting your marbled iphone cases since you first showed them off on instagram, I love the black and pink versions! I'm a longtime follower on IG (@laurenloprete) and a recent twitter follower (@logladyrecords) and subscriber to facebook and the newsletter. So excited to see what else you have coming out soon.

    I have your perfect twist poster hanging in my stairwell in loft, and it perks me up everyday! I'm also an SAIC alum, I'm currently working at another art school, CCA in San Francisco and running a little vinyl record label (loglady records).

    Best wishes!

  27. 1. Annie Blake, anniekblake at gmail dot com
    2. I'm a painter who thought I had to wait until my kids were grown to get back to making art. But I've learned over the past couple years that it's sort of a fun challenge to make things in 30 minute spurts as I have time. You end up with something really different than if it had been completed in one sitting.
    3. I now follow you on instagram, and I've loved getting your newsletter for years now!

  28. Filipa Castro, zbrrrr at!

    What can I say.. I work at a silly office, I take pictures and sometimes go to a swimming pool. I also have an orange cat plus a white and brown one. I live in Lisbon but would love to be out in the countryside. Maybe someday.

  29. HI HI HI Debbie HI I really really want one of theeeeese

    dianne tanner
    hello at diannetanner dot co dot uk

    Also, I have a job interview at my dream museum next week and I really hope I get it - thats my fact about me.

    I follow you on ALL of the social networks, famously xxx

  30. Name: Julie Caron

    Follow u on instagram (Vvagabond) & Facebook (Ju Angeline)

    I'm a huge fan of your large photo posters, crystals & cats- which is why I just shared your hilarious cat video from Facebook. Oh, and I love to make things! :)

  31. Hi Debbie!

    I've been following your work through Etsy for a while, so it's nice to get a chance to let you know how great it is. I love your photos because they turn little moments of ordinary into the miraculous - the very little things that make life beautiful.

    I'm a landscape architect from Toronto who finds herself designing outdoor public space in cities but spending 8-10 hrs/day in the office... I often miss the wildness of northern Ontario and getting dirt on my hands. But noticing the little things in the City makes life here less hectic and enjoyable. Your photos take me to another place!

    I've been following you on instagram for a while, but just followed you on facebook and signed up for your email list! (at) gmail (dot) com

    Congratulations on 4 years!


  32. I'm Zoë Appel. I'm a design student in Brisbane, Australia. I love nail art, reading and all things design (for good, not evil).

  33. Hi Debbie!
    Hannah here, reigning from Minneapolis MN--I am a music enthusiast, plant lover and work for the wonderful Minnetonka Moccasin. I was mugged last weekend, got a new iPhone so what better way to dress it up than with one of these gorgeous cases!

    Xoxo from MN

  34. Hi Debbie! My name is Claire Green and I'm a jewelry designer and maker in Portland, OR! My email is
    I'm following you on Instagram and Facebook :) Happy 4th anniversary and thanks!

  35. Hello! Danielle here (, and I geek libraries, reading, and large blooms. Also, my very first iPhone is arriving today, and it needs a case!

    (also following you on Twitter and newsletter)

  36. Hi!
    My name is Taylor from NYC--such a huge fan of all your work, have three of your large prints in my apartment. After my Christmas party, my place was a mess (dirty rug, broken glasses, etc), but the only casualty I cared about was a rip in your crystal poster :(
    Following on Instagram, Twitter (@tpg_) and Facebook (Taylor Griggs)
    Congrats on 4 years!
    xx t

  37. Rebecca Lenahan

    Hello! I'm a law student in Cape Town, South Africa and one of your forest prints hangs in my living room and makes me feel adventurous every day. Thank you and happy anniversary!

    My email address is:

  38. Simonne De Sousa

    Hi Debbie!
    I am a designer who finds inspiration in nature. I love the marble prints! I have enjoyed having one of your black & white large-scale posters (of the mountain range) hanging in my living room for the past couple of years. Needless to say I am a fan of your work:)

  39. Debbie! I'm Hilly.

    I miss the light brown m&ms and playing foursquare at recess.

    I once attempted a 2 mile walk from the frame shop with Flowers and Perfect Twist (36x48) on my back. And was forever thankful to get a ride home from a kind stranger in a new town. I looked like a TMNT trekking across the highway.

  40. Kathleen Flora

    I like anything egg shaped.

  41. I'm a mom of three and my son has your jellyfish print hanging in his room. Love the marble iPhone cases and would be proud to use it.

  42. Stephanie Smith
    I love color and pattern! Matching is over-rated!
    I receive your emails and will be following you on instagram @projectmaven
    Thank you!!

  43. Ann Leachman
    I bought your forest poster at a Renegade fair a few summer back. It has been happily hanging above my bed ever since.

  44. Angela ='s AngelaZukowski (at) gmail dot com

    I could use a case that is a little more chic than its current iteration! I live in the white mountains of NH. Follow you on instagram and twitter as mountaintidings. I own your owl poster, and the other week my boyfriend and I had a ten minute long conversation with our resident barred owl, hooting back and forth from our deck. It was intense.

  45. Amanda Vasilikos

    I love your posters, and first found out about you from Bleubird!

    These phone cases are fantastic. Following you on twitter (@vadnama) and Instagram (amandavasilikos)

    OOhh I hope I win!

  46. Hello! I love these cases and your work in general. I am an artist myself and you are such an inspiration. Your Instagram feed is one of my favorites. Something about me: I live in Arizona and about this time each year I start getting very ansy and excited for the coming monsoon season which begins mid-June.

    P.S. I'm a pretty big weather nerd who loves to experience a break in the blue sky by rain and thunderstorms.

    All the best to you,


  47. Hi Debbie!

    I'm Elle ~

    I'm a graphic designer in Santa Monica, CA - although I'm currently moonlighting as an interior/event designer.... I have been a fan of your work and style for some time. I have your "woods" poster I bought a couple of years ago above my bed... It's my little dream escape since I live far away from mossy forest streams. I'm currently using a really broken iphone 4 with cracks and no wifi. Maybe a new case will inspire me to upgrade :).

    Keep up the amazing work!! I'll follow on instagram - i'm @ completely_golden


  48. Hello Debbie!
    I'm a librarian and I live and work in Switzerland. I have one of your posters on my wall (b&w, flowers spilling over the edge of a wall). It's the first thing I see when I open my front door and it always makes me happy. I love to travel and to cook and bake.
    I subscribe to your newsletter, follow you on Instagram (@jujucoop), and am a fan on Facebook (Brie Lynne).

    These phone cases are beautiful!
    xo brie

  49. Hi!
    Hi! My name is Samantha Furst! I first found your work on a blog last year and then ordered your crystal poster which is currently framed and hanging in my NYC apartment. I'm a big fan of your work. Really love this iphone case!

    Following you across all socials!

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