Wednesday, October 19, 2011


I wanted to show you some of the art we have in our apartment that we have been collecting from our friends and artists we admire. I feel like my tastes change constantly but the things we have chosen to put up are ones that have endured and I feel good about our little curated collection.

Here we go!

My brother, Dante, the one who introduced me to the plotter poster format, made this poster a few years ago while he was still in school. Coolness factor A ++.

I love folk art above all other forms. Especially Inuit art. This little piece was gifted to me by my brother and it hangs next to our front door to greet guests when they arrive and its something nice for me to stare at as I answer our intercom.

Edward Curtis is one of my favorite photographers of all time. This print probably borders on the illegial/unethical but also probably is OK. I totally scanned this image from a book borrowed from a friend and made an 18x24 poster out of it. I loved this image and wanted to put up a portrait of a woman. I'm sorry Estate of Edward Curtis.

On the other side of the window, I hung this amazing bear portrait by super talented photographer and good friend Todd Baxter. If you have not seen his Owl Scouts series, you need to click over and look. Amazing stuff.

This piece is by William Edmonds and was acquired through a trade. This piece was such a good score. I couldn't believe how nice William is and he sent the original too. We love it so much.

Another traded piece. This one is by artist / illustrator Nathaniel Russell. I had such a hard time choosing which piece I wanted in our trade that he let me choose two. Niceness!! I love the mood/feeling/sense of humor in his work.

This print is by Adam James Boon, a photographer based out of England. I love his body of work. Making small things monumental & even sublime. This scan of dust looks like the universe. I love how it is cropped in a circle, surrounded in delicate pink.

I made this one. I see my own images so much I get sick of them sometimes but I really loved how these two pieces turned out and I love how they look together. Also I thought it was appropriate to go over our couch. Two birds!

My husband, Devin Higgins, is a great photographer as well. This big photo is one of his images. It looks great above our bed. Those leaves are luminous!

Barsha Dahal is one of my oldest friends. We've known each other since 8th grade homeroom. She is a beautiful person and a wonderful artist and illustrator. This is a print of a painting she did. So great!

This painting was gifted to us by my mom as a wedding present (I think?). She painted it! I have a lot of fond memories of her painting at our dining room table while I was growing up. I loved seeing all her paints and supplies and papers.

Jacinta Moore has been a favorite of mine for so many years now. Ever since we friended each other on Livejournal. I have had this print of hers for a long time and has constistently been on display in the various apartments we have been in through the years.

Our second piece by Nathaniel Russell. This hangs across from our bed. This guitarsman lulls us to sleep every night.


  1. You have some really amazing artwork!!

  2. This is such a great post. I still need to hang all of my artwork (including a certain owl) and this totally reminded me of that. I love the frames you have your photographs in over the sofa!

    also I LOVE TODD BAXTERS OWL SCOUTS i am so envious of his bear on your wall!!!

    love it. love it love it. Stop being so amazing Debbie Carlos!

  3. Lolo - Thanks!

    Dianne - Oh yay! You should do a post like this too. Also those frames are totally cheapo Ikea ones (Ribba). YOU'RE amazing!

  4. yeah, well... everything is great!! I like the adam james one specially and I like this post, might do one like this to show what it is that I have at home :)

  5. Amazing collection of art and stories! I'm starting my own art/print collection and was wondering if you have any tips for framing prints/arts. Cheers!

  6. Hey PJ! I don't know if I have any good tips. I like to go to Ikea or Blick for affordable frames. Thats about it :)