Sunday, October 2, 2011

J'adore Dores

OK OK I know I said we were tightening budgets around here and this included a firm no more trades clause. But when it comes to jewelry and especially Stephanie's jewelry, from her line Dores, I really cannot help myself.

 I had been admiring all the things in her shop for some months after I had found it via another blog (which one I cannot remember). Then a few weeks ago, she wrote me telling me she really liked the antlers poster and the 2012 calendar and was wondering whether I'd like to exchange some art for some of her things. It is the greatest feeling when someone who you are a fan of tells you, out of the blue, that they like your work too. Frugality was out the window and our trade was arranged.

 I chose the bandra and the marari necklace (mostly because of this shot showing how great they looked together) and I also really wanted the delicate gold triangle bracelet but thought it was too much so I said I would pay for it. Stephanie was kind enough to say 'no problem!' and sent it as part of our trade. Amazingness. I loved them when I got them in the mail and I have been wearing all three pieces almost every day since I got them. Chic-ness.

 Go here now! • Dores ShopStephanie's blog


  1. i have the triangle bracelet and love it more than anything :)