Monday, August 20, 2012

Owl Scouts

I wanted to take some time to show you some non-photo work I have done, specifically the embroidery work I did for the epic photo series called "Owl Scouts" by Todd Baxter.  

I learned how to embroider during my time at SAIC under the tutelage of Marianne Fairbanks. I made a couple of maps pieces while in school but didn't do too much after that, despite really enjoying it, until the Owl Scouts project came up. The patches were a part of the ceremonial and camping uniforms the two characters wore, and functioned as a way of storytelling. Some reiterated what happens in the series and others filled in the gaps in the story not told by the rest of the images.

I couldn't find images of all the patches I had made but here are a few:

You can see the complete photo series at Todd Baxter's site
All patches designed by Anders Nilsen


  1. These are so great! I love to embroider, but I do NOT have your awesome skills.

    1. Thanks Mallory! I have Asian sweatshop hands :)

  2. Thats simple amazing. I never seen such amazing Custom embroidery patch ever. Thanks for sharing, waiting for more.