Thursday, August 30, 2012

We are moving

After 8 years of living in Chicago, we are leaving. DH got a job offer in Michigan and so we will be moving at the end of September. We will miss the city and our friends here but we are definitely looking forward to a quieter life and possibly having a lot more room to spread out. Maybe bunny could even have a little relaxation pen in a backyard so she can spend the rest of her days in the sun!

Still, we are sad to leave our apartment which we have worked so hard on. Planning, arranging, re-arranging, making improvements, installing shelves, and accumulating the things we love and not just quick and easy, short term solutions. Our little turret sitting area ('the golden area') is pretty sweet. We've seen a lot of action from those windows (car accidents, drunk people fights, police arrests etc haha). Sitting there and watching crazy summer storms and winter snow storms is really awesome too. 

So the next month is filled with fun projects, packing, looking for a new place in our new city, shopping for a car (!!), and of course, knocking things off our Chicago bucket list. A cubs game, a boat architecture tour and tons and tons of restaurants.

What would be on your bucket list if you were to leave the place you live?


  1. I don't know what a bucket list is... but moving is always something fun, hard sometimes, but exciting too! Thinking of a new home and "re-start" over again is nice. Have a good move! hahahaha!

  2. Hi! I started following your blog because I like your bunny print - we have a bunny too! I actually just moved to MI at the end of April from Chicago (also for 8 years...also for my husband's job - are we the same person?) Are you moving to Detroit area? Good luck packing and welcome to the mitten! OH, also you should get your fill of mexican food in Chicago - nothing compares here...

  3. This is so exciting for you! I know how you feel. Though I was only living in Japan for two years, I was so sad to say goodbye to our quaint little apartment. My bucket list included eating at favorite restaurants & cafes one more time, and visiting some of the tourist attractions that I thought I would get around to 'someday' but never did. We had a single skyscraper in our city with an observation deck and a restaurant on the 45th floor that overlooked the city, so as pricey as the cocktails and cheese were, we finally went up there to watch the sunset. It was totally worth it. Good luck with your move, Debbie!

  4. Aww. That is quite sad. But I’m sure you’ll be able to have a lot of new memories and experiences in your new hometown. I hope your new house has an amazing window too, where you’ll be able to be view the wonderful outside world. Anyway, I hope you guys did not have any trouble with all the preparation and all the packing. It’s one of the most delicate parts of moving, and I certainly hope that the process went flawless.

    Ericka Muldowney