Friday, January 18, 2013


I'm feeling a great shopping-want today but it is the new year and per one of my lamest and most boring resolutions, I need to save some money. Which is funny because I don't really have that much money to save so I guess it just translates to being more frugal.

So in lieu of going to town myself, I put together some things that if I could buy today / right now, I would.  And this is just the tip of the iceberg. I'm not able show these nice people and places love with my money but maybe you can. Happy happy Friday!

1. ODLCO's boater keychain. Actually I lied. I did buy this a few weeks ago only because I have loved it since forever and also because I lost my keychain while in Toronto so, you know, I needed it. No regrets. Best keychain I've ever had.

2. OUI's Brights & Darks Garland at Pour Pourter would look so great in my studio. 

3. Pretzels - Knotted Rope Necklace by blah blah blah. I'm so into big jewelries these days.

4. Marimo Japanese moss ball aquarium. Do I need any more plants? No. But Yes I do.

5. Set of 3 Hanging Lines from Twig. I would totally fill a wall with these. Or maybe cool next to the toilet?

6. Everything everything everything from Shikama jewelry's forthcoming Premier D├ęsirs SS13 collection. Can I just tell you how blown away I am at this lady's talent?

7. Nellie's Sun Socks at Poketo. So kyut! Don't forget to check out all the goodies at her own shop too.

8. Vintage Legardo Cookie Jar. Child Magic!

9. Everything at Samuji. Duh. 

10. Perrette vessels by Y'A PAS LE FEU AU LAC available at Greener Grass Design

11. La Chamba Comal  for toasting tortillas, roasting chiles, and baking pizzas. 

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