Monday, August 5, 2013

New Guest Artist Poster: Scout and Catalogue "A Study in Marbling"

I'm so excited to tell you about our new limited edition guest artist poster by Scout & Catalogue! Available in black and white and on pink paper -- now available in the shop .

I have been a huge fan of Breanna's wildly popular line of accessories for some years now. She emailed me back in 2010, we traded some posters for one of her leather totes (which unfortunately was taken during the mugging of 2012) and have been following her every internet move since. Everything she makes is exquisite, and you can see the high level of thoughtfulness, consideration and craft in her pieces. 
Nomad scarf,  Tonola Pequeña pouch,  Yelapa Leather tote

I had been playing around with the idea of asking her to create something for the shop for some time. But when I saw her new pieces, specifically the marble dye on a lightly peach hued leather, the idea totally clicked in my head. A marble pattern on pink paper! I wrote her, she was into it and here we are.

Sierra Phone Sleeve

The poster features an enlargement of Breanna's marble dying technique on leather. I love how rich and visual this poster is. There is so much to look at, your eyes follow the path of the dye, the pattern is punctuated by organic bubble forms. You can also get a sense of the leather grain that the dye lies on, adding to the overall textural quality. What a great piece to add to your space.


  1. Love this so hard. When you were posting teasers of this poster I thought it was drawings of space!

  2. woahh i like that marbling effect, it reminds me of my childhood! :D

  3. i LOOOOOVE this! the black and white marble is fan-tas-tic! I've featured it as part of a Marble themed round-up post. I hope you love it!