Thursday, August 15, 2013


As my studio tour series has grown, I felt it deserved to have its own home on the internet. I was also beginning to think about expanding my visits to other spaces that are not specifically artist studios. I wanted to do more homes and maybe some gardens, and shops as well. Anticipating the increasing number of galleries from both my regular work and the studio visits, I didn't want to have all the pictures buried on my portfolio site.

So for the past month or so, I'm happy to announce that the new site is up, renaming my series Visit Visit! A simple site, with the same layout and navigation as my portfolio site. The series will remain a blog series, with the new site acting as a repository for the images and each gallery will point back to the original post. It will be an easy way for you to go back and view all the visits I've done without having to search through this blog. 

I'm really excited about Visit Visit's new home, and I look forward to making more work to put on it. 

Do you have a studio I might be interested in shooting? Send me an email! I am currently in Michigan (right in the middle) so I am probably able to visit your space if you are located here. But I do travel, so if you reach out, I can keep you in mind if I am ever in your town. I have done Chicago, Brooklyn, Toronto and will have visits in Minneapolis and LA going online soon!

Click to go to site. Hope you like it :)

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