Friday, September 6, 2013

Studio Visit: Ina Grau

When it comes to my dress I keep it fairly simple, and this extends to my shoewear. I have a basic black canvas shoe I wear 99% of the time and when its too cold for that pair, I wear a pair of black desert boots. I wish I could have the confidence wear bright colors and mix/match patterns but my palette tends to remain fairly neutral and when I do venture into pattern its not too crazy. 

The shoes by Ina Grau, however, are different. I would wear all sorts of Ina Grau in a second. Their materials and colors are by themselves pretty neutral but the way they mix them up is just the right amount of statement. Customizable lace colors sporting brass ends and cute polka dot patterns burned into the bottoms of the shoes are the perfect finishing touches. They are lovely and considered details not immediately noticeable, but you love knowing that they are there.

They invited me over to their Minneapolis studio earlier this year and I had the best time chatting with Luisa and Crystal, and being shown around their workspace. In my mind, shoemaking is such a traditional men's craft, so it is really awesome to see two very talented women take this on and just totally kill it. The traditional craftsmanship is there and it is impeccable, but the vibe is entirely now, young, and exciting. 

What I also loved about meeting them is there is this creative energy that they exude. You get a sense of how much fun they are having doing what they do, as well as how excited they are to experiment and learn more about it. I left their studio feeling incredibly inspired and wanting my own pair of Ina Grau shoes more than ever. 

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