Sunday, November 20, 2011

Food & Wine + Debbie Carlos sitting in a tree

So excited to have the Perfect Twist poster (as well as Devin's thermal undies and winter socks) featured in the December issue of Food and Wine Magazine !

I totally love looking at STUFF and especially stuff you can buy or dream of buying so I'm always interested in everyone's gift lists and etsy treasuries and the like. They've got some really nice goodies in this one.

& as a fan of top chef, I can't help but imagine that Gail Simmons and maybe even Padma have now seen my work. And whoever else reads food and wine which is probably everyone. Ruth Reichl? James Oseland? Etc? Eek!

Now if they would just hire me to shoot some of their editorials. Hit me up on my cell!

Haaaaappy Moooonday !

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