Friday, November 25, 2011

Lets have a black celebration

I used to be a huge depeche mode fan. I still like them a lot but I used to be super into them back in high school. I was a member of their fan club, I would seek out as many bootlegs of rare songs and live sets I could find. I was the co-founder of the only (and very short lived) depeche mode fanclub in Manila where we would put out the occasional newsletter and send it to members via mail or fax.

I had a number of depeche mode penpals from Germany and for some reason they were all from East Germany. There was one guy who would always sign off his letters with "Let's have a black correspondence" which was, and still is, THE BEST!

Anyway, in honor of black friday (and small business saturday and cyber monday etc), lets have a black celebration!

From today through Monday, 25% off all prints and posters in the shop (or you can order $37 worth of other stuff and get the discount)!

Use Code: darkfriday or click here to redeem.

I love the holidays. I love you guys.

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