Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Mr. Carlos

My brother's name is Dante Carlos. He is based in Minneapolis and is a senior designer at the Walker Art Center. He is one of those people who is so good at what they do, its sick. I'm not just saying this because I'm his sister. His work is fun, imaginative, irreverent and just really really fresh.

We founded Revol Magazine, an old internet art magazine from several years ago. He was my collaborator on our 2012 Calendar project and I also hired him to do some new identity work.

Check out all this beauty:

I am also happy to say he now has a website where you can see all his work!

Follow his visual blog, his website and check out his flickr!

Other options include: write him a nice note, send him some pizza, treat him to a 20 piece chicken mcnuggets meal and/or just think good thoughts about him.


  1. sooo nice! i love this stuff! really really really
    hi debbie it's emily!

  2. it reminds me of all the things i like about dutch design

  3. Always great to see Filipino creatives breaking out of the mold. lol. It's sometimes hard to justify a career in art or creating so you two are def an inspiration.

  4. Thanks PJ! Its definitely a good feeling to see fellow pinoys doing well in the world!