Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Necklace Exchange

Last holiday season, Janette of Fashion Loves People, organized a really fun necklace exchange.  Like the secret santa of jewelry pretty - ness! I saw it mentioned by a few people on the tweeters and signed up right away.

This is the piece I made for my recipient -- quartzite, glass and brass beads on leather chord. I was really happy with it so you'll be seeing it at AHC soon!

This is the necklace I received in the mail from Kendra of Life Pastoral and Summer Street Photography! I love how it is beaded and braided and I love the black and gold combo. So perfect for me.

See the rest of the necklaces here.

I'm pretty excited about the next one !

[[ I kept meaning to post about this but after seeing Rebecca's post about it on bigbigbigthings, it kicked my butt into gear! Thanks, RG! ]]