Friday, January 6, 2012

Some things I ate in 2011

Pizza Party

Home made improvised weird asian noodle soup

I roasted this squash for squash millet muffins

I baked a lot of bread from this recipe

& I ate it with lots of butter and cured meats

The BEST lemonade
The most delicious rice porridge from our
fave Izakaya in Chicago(land). This had seafood
and a ball of roasted mochi on the bottom.

Apfel Strudel from the Österreichisches Bäkerei

A gifted palmier 

First baguette in France

One of many croissants and cafe cremes in Paris

Amazing markets in Paris

The most beautiful cafe for drinks,  food and food photos was found in Antwerp

Amazing markets in Antwerp

Hush puppies @ Lillie's Q

Overflowing bowls of soup

I made Maanchi's recipe for Emergency Kimchi 

It looks like a mess but this bowl of Samosa Chaat was SO GOOD

Canned coffee drink fail

BBQ @ Detroit's Eastern Market

Red Hen bread is Chicago's best Artisan bread company.
These were at the Oak Park farmers market where we went
specifically to eat these donuts.

I'm not a huge fan of pizza but I really loved this 'bar pizza' at
noted pizza place & dive bar Vito & Nick's.

There was a few weeks where I made a bunch of granola bars.

On our anniversary we went to the Morton Arboretum and then warmed ourselves with Pho afterwards.

I ate many avocadoes

This tomato butter changed my life 

I roasted lots of chiles for this stew

I made donuts for the first time. They weren't great.

Bibimbop 4ever

Kimchi jigae 4ever

Someone left out a plate of smarties the day after Holloween

Our no good bunny left a piece of carrot wedged between our couch cushions.


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  1. to more deliciousness in 2012 indeed. you ate some scrumptious-looking food goods.