Monday, July 2, 2012

Back from BK RCF

Last last Thursday, Lilian Martinez, Daniel McKee, Devin Higgins & I got up at 5 am, packed up a station wagon to the brim with goodies and set off for the Brooklyn Renegade Craft Fair! Highlights from the fair included: Meeting Teresa from Stone and Honey, Kelly McGeheeDoug & Tomoe, Mallory from Look At These Gems, old internet friend (and real life friend) Milan Zrnic and everyone else that stopped by the booth. Despite the heat and my posters being constantly under threat of being blown over, it was so fun and I can't wait to go back to do it all again! 

I would also like to apologize for my face being a fountain of sweat. It could not have been helped. 

Here are some shots from our booth:


* * *  Many things happened along the way which were captured on instagram:

• A pit stop in Cleveland to go crazy on some fried chicken at Hot Sauce Williams.

 Getting stranded for a few hours just outside of the Cleve due to some car troubles so we killed some time eating ice cream at Handel's & thrifting

Celebratory dinner @ Rosarito Fish Shack Sunday night after the fair.

Momofuku Milk Bar! Dreams do come true. Loved the cornflake cookie way better than the compost cookie. Like way.

• Had the pleasure of meeting up and dining with my cousin Jenni and her fiancee Stewart. They took us to the most amazing Chinese restaurant, I'm not even kidding. I also out-drank everyone. Wu Liang Ye is totally my drink now!

• Our posse invaded Doug Johnston's studio. Studio tour pictures coming soon !

• We go crazy on some NY pizza at Lombardi's. We made the trek to Di Fara's but they were closed T_T

• Amazing night hanging out and eating and drinking with Milan Zrnic.

• Last day in NY included eating hot dogs, biryani cart & ice cream sandwiches.

• 2 hour gridlock trying to get out of the city meant sticking fruit labels on your knees.

• Car troubles = getting stranded in NJ for two nights.

• Car troubles = getting stranded in PA for a night.


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