Friday, July 20, 2012


Seems like all I've been doing on this blog lately is massive picture posts about my travels. I have been in and out of town since May (Seattle, NY, MPLS). Its been great but now I'm really looking forward to being back in Chicago for awhile.

Earlier this month, DH and I hopped on a Megabus and made our way from Chicago to Minneapolis to visit my brother and his cat. It was a trip for pleasure but also to work on an exciting new project (announcements coming soon!) but I must admit we mostly just did fun things. Like what? Like exploring the city, taking the tram to the Mall of America, eating tons of delicious food, berry picking, canoeing the St. Croix, boat and cabin time on Lake Minnetonka, super sweet bead shopping, and visiting a Hmong Market!

Here are a lots of pictures !

Eating a Wendy's meal on the Megabus is a careful balancing act.
My brother welcomed us with watermelon slices, and rum & cokes!


Some of the best Vietnamese food I've ever had at Pho Tau Bay

Hand studies on a boat

Typical DHC Summer foot tan

& of course some other things on instagram:


  1. Love seeing/reading about your travels! -Angie
    opps! messed up with the commenting

  2. I really envy you for doing so much travelling. When I was living in Porto I used to move more but since I came back to Barcelona I haven't visited many places... Moving is such a nice thing!! Don't stop!! By the way, would love to visit Chicago someday...

    1. Yes you should definitely come to Chicago! Would love to meet you and show you around :)