Monday, July 23, 2012

Studio Tour: Doug Johnston & Tomoe Matsuoka

Last October, Doug Johnston started a shop on his site to sell some of his rope vessel creations. Since then he has had numerous blog and magazine features, both national and international.  Compared to most people, who build that kind of demand and following over a period of years, his popularity has pretty much exploded overnight.

While in New York in June, I got to meet Doug and his wife Tomoe when they stopped by my booth at Renegade Craft Fair. I asked if they would be willing to show me their studio in Brooklyn and they said yes !  A couple of days later, my band of friends and I made our way to Ditmas Park.  He took us through the space, shared his process with us and even gave us a little demo.

Doug's wife, Tomoe Matsuoka, shares the studio as well and her work deals in conceptual, performative, interactive structures / wearables and furniture design. It is fun and full of child magic which is a quality I love.

Also, hello cute clothes. Can I have you?

He ended our tour by showing us the amazing rooftop space with a 360ยบ view of the neighborhood. We could even see the  One World Trade Center being built in the distance.

Enjoy !

View images on my site or on Flickr.

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