Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Studio Tour: Laura Lombardi

The thing about Laura Lombardi's jewelry is that each piece seems to be full of history. Its true that she uses vintage and dead stock pieces to create her jewelry which has something to do with it but I think she composes in such a way that  it implies that each bracelet, necklace, pendant was found in some ruin, having been worn by an oracle, priestess, prophetess, seer. Although her jewelry gives the feeling of antiquity and ceremony, they are also thoroughly modern, edgy and feminine.

A couple of months ago, Laura agreed to let me stop by her studio in Chicago with my camera. A gracious hostess, she chatted with me about her work, background, inspiration, gave me a little sneak peek at her spring line and, of course, let me snoop around. She even made me a necklace while I was there which makes it even more special. To see someone as nice as she, enjoying such great success at a young age is really inspiring. I hope you find these pictures equally as interesting and inspiring.

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  1. Such a great space and now I want to buy all of her jewellery. Also, that pink lipstick, what a babe!